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2015 marks the 25th year that Cyber has been assisting Australian companies! 25 years of fast and friendly service to hundreds of businesses across Australia.

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All the Advantages of Thin Clients. None of the Disadvantages.

Cyber TrimClient is a combination of server (and optional desktop) hardware, system and application sorftware, installation, customisation and support services. TrimClient is a full-featured and managed desktop computing environment requiring minimal ongoing desktop support: it is essentially a zero administration solution. TrimClients are the optimal hybrid - halfway between thin-clients and standard PCs (fat-clients.) TrimClients deliver all the advantages of thin-clients with none of the disadvantages.

Lowest Possible Desktop TCO

TrimClient achieves the lowest possible TCO of any desktop solution by making available thin-client-like cost reductions on top of cost-effective, commodity hardware rather than expensive proprietary thin-client hardware. TrimClient workstations 'boot' off a central System Container Server, using industry-standard PXE technology. These system software containers are served in a read-only manner, making them very resilient and thus cheaper to support.

Better than Thin Clients

To put it simply, TrimClients run applications on the client-side workstation, so there is trivial load on the back-end server and lower load on the network. In contrast, thin-client push all processing needs back to the server and every single screen redraw causes heavy network traffic. Thus, thin-clients need heavy-duty and thus expensive servers and networks - TrimClients don't.

Use Your Existing PCs, or Buy New Hardware

Cyber TrimClient can make use of your existing PC hardware (assuming compatible hardware and etherboot capabilities). This means that your existing investment in desktop PCs is secure. It also means that if you do need to buy new hardware, you can buy the most cost-effective, commodity hardware available to you.

Better Security - Reduce Data Theft

TrimClients can be configured to prevent access to local drives, such as floppy and USB keys. This means that in highly-sensitive environments, management can enact a policy to prevent any data from being extracted from the network and taken out of the office environment.

Better Security - Impervious to Viruses and Spyware

Because the system containers are read-only TrimClient is secure from unauthorised system software modifications, preventing problems associated with user-instigated application installation, 3rd-party virus, worm, trojan, spyware, adware, keylogger and other malware attack.

Runs Most Software - Internet and Office-ready

TrimClient includes a W3C standards-compliant web browser (Firefox) and the OpenOffice.org (Microsoft Office compatible) office suite. TrimClient workstations can read and display most major document formats - Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft® Word (DOC),Microsoft® Excel (XLS), Microsoft® Powerpoint (PPT), along with all major graphics file format (PNG, GIF, JPG, WMF, BMP, EPS, TIFF etc.). They can also play most major video and audio files.

Another benefit that TrimClient desktops have over thin-clients is in the breadth of applications supported. Besides being able to run thousands of different applications locally, they can also behave like thin-clients, and also run Unix/Linux X Window applications, all Citrix ICA applications and all Microsoft Windows Terminal Service applications as well. This makes TrimClients the ultimate in flexible deployment platforms.

Rapid Deployment - Deploy or Update 100 Desktops in Minutes

Rather than using ghosting-style deployment technologies, consider adopting TrimClient. By changing your PC's BIOS to boot off PXE etherboot (i.e Network boot) you can have dozens, or hundreds of your existing PCs running off the standard TrimClient system container server in minutes. Similarly, system and application software updates can be made just once on the system container server and upon next reboot, all TrimClient workstations will have beeen 'upgraded' to the new software.

The Cyber TrimClient Server

TrimClient System Container Server

Ships with a TrimClient Server hardware all systems and application software and installation.

For Reseller or Sales Information Send mail to info@cyber.com.au