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2015 marks the 25th year that Cyber has been assisting Australian companies! 25 years of fast and friendly service to hundreds of businesses across Australia.

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Cyber IT Solutions P/L
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Richmond, Victoria

Phone: +61 3 9428 6922
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ACN 053 904 082
ABN 13 053 904 082

"We Do Linux"

Cyber IT Solutions offers the Services Suite to provide you with a level of comfort that your systems are being monitored by expert system engineers, security patches are being applied regularly, system logs are being evaluated, and that an engineer will respond to support requests within a committed time-frame.

Core Services

The Cyber IT Services Suite options include:

Optional Services

These optional services are offered to you in addition to the Services Suite, providing you with the flexibility to choose the level of support your organisation requires. Please contact Cyber IT Solutions for further details on each option.

Hosted Data Backup Service

A secure and reliable data backup system is essential to all businesses, however traditional tape backup solutions are costly and cumbersome and are overly reliant on someone remembering to regularly change the backup tape. Cyber IT Solutions offers our hosted data backup service to securely and automatically backup your documents and data on a daily basis. All customer backups are actively monitored by our staff, ensuring that in the event of a major disaster or any data loss Cyber IT Solutions will be able to rapidly restore your documents and data.

Pre-paid Support Blocks

Cyber IT Solutions offers pre-paid blocks of hours at substantial discounts over our regular hourly rate. This greatly reduces the amount of ongoing paperwork and administration which would otherwise be performed by you and allows you to pro-actively budget your support expenditure. Please contact Cyber IT Solutions for further information.

Contacting Us

For more information about Cyber IT’s System Support, please mail us at info@cyber.com.au