David Keegel lives in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been spending most of his time since 1993 working for Cyber IT Solutions in one way or another. Cyber IT Solutions has prepared a short technical summary of David's main professional skills.

David maintains the Keegels Family Web site, which is primarily intended for other Keegels at the moment.

The wattle.id.au DNS registry is maintained by David as a free service to the Australian Internet community. David is committed to not ever charging registrants in wattle.id.au (neither directly nor through companies like Cyber IT Solutions).

David was the Treasurer of AUUG Victoria 1995-2004. He is also a foundation member of SAGE-AU and was Treasurer of SAGE-Vic for a number of years.

David was also a member of LUV. He was a Founding Member of ISOC-AU. And was previously a member (and former vice-president) of APANA.

David is a member and a former Director of auDA (.au Domain Administration). Through Cyber IT Solutions, David did technical work on AUNIC, under contract to auDA.

David graduated with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Science and Mathematics from The University of Melbourne in 1988 after doing increasing amounts of CS and decreasing amounts of Maths over the 4 years.

He completed secondary school with a HSC (predecessor to VCE) from University High School in 1984.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE 6), certificate id 110-955-259 (2000-2003).

This site has PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) information about djk including his public key.

Sheridan Nelms-Keegel (David's wife) has a web site with pictures of our 2003 trip to Tasmania.

You can E-mail djk at cyber.com.au, which is generally the preferred way to contact David (or through Cyber IT Solutions).

Many years ago David compiled a list of some Web pages he considered interesting.